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What is "Chamber Music"? Chamber music is an umbrella term for music created to be played by a few instrumentalists in a small, intimate setting - literally a "chamber" or room. You can find chamber music across all generas, this music was played in parlors, on porches, churches, barns, and everywhere in between! Chamber music concerts can be formal events or very casual jam sessions with friends. ACMF strikes the balance of offering structured concert events in a less formal style. Musicians introduce each piece during the concert, interact with the audience, and are usually close enough you can see the rosin coming off their bows! The instrumentation at our festival is mostly string instruments (violin, viola, cello, and bass), and may include piano and other wind instruments like flute, clarinet, or bassoon.

What type of music will I experience at an ACMF concert? A little bit of everything! You will experience classical string quartets along side fiddle music and bluegrass - we've even been known to play a little techno inspired music! ACMF is also committed to supporting the advancement of chamber music, world premieres performances of new works are a highlight of our festival!

Are all your concerts the same? No! Each concert is a unique experience, and we encourage audiences to attend more than one performance. While we may program a work twice during the festival, it's always done with a different grouping of pieces and in a different venue. We do our best to publish our programs ahead of time on our website to help audiences plan their time with us.

Who may enjoy ACMF concerts? ACMF values bringing accessible concerts to our audiences. You do not have to be a musician or classical music aficionado to enjoy one of ACMF's events. We offer a variety of musical styles at each concert - there is usually a little something for everyone! A variety of composers are selected, so while you may hear beloved familiar classics from the likes of Debussy and Brahms, you will also experience contemporary composers who are contributing to the advancement of chamber music today. Live music is an experience that can't be replicated - being in the same room as musicians who are experts in their fields can be exhilarating! You can check out previous concerts on our YouTube page to get a taste of the variety of programming we offer!

Are ACMF concerts family friendly? Yes! We welcome younger folks, especially at our outdoor concerts where the environment is even less formal so they can dance and move and enjoy their time with us. We recommend concerts for music students of all ages, in particular middle and high school strings students and students interested in pursuing a career in music education.

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