An inspiring, unforgettable day that will cultivate your love of chamber music

Intensive Chamber Music Workshop
Wednesday Aug 18, 2021
Application deadline: July 15

Location: Happy Retreat, Charles Town, WV.

600 Mordington Ave,
Charles Town, WV 25414

Students 12-18: 9am-1pm

Adults: 2-6pm

ACMF is delighted to welcome applications for our intensive workshop, open to string students 12-18 and adult string players. $40 students, $50 adults. Financial Need Scholarships available.


What's included in the workshop?

This is a half-day, intensive chamber music experience. No previous chamber music experience necessary. We welcome applications of all levels and abilities. Discover the joy that is playing music with others! We will send out materials and music before the workshop so that you can be prepared for the day.

Get Inspired

  • one-on-one chamber music coachings with international festival artists

  • additional help, support and coaching with inspiring professionals

  • side-by-side string ensemble playing with festival artists

  • work with living composer Steve Snowden in string ensemble setting

  • meal included for participants: dine with festival artists!


  • informal performance opportunities: side-by-side ensemble performance with professionals

  • option to perform excerpt of chamber work at end of workshop to family and friends of participants

  • access to open rehearsals with ACMF artists on the day


  • ​discover the joy of making music with others

  • inspiring interactive group activities that explore non-classical genres, how to sight-read, improvisation and more

  • push the boundaries of your string playing skills and expression


  • Family Members welcome to attend informal performance

  • Access to observe open rehearsals of ACMF artists on the day

  • participants and family members are specially invited to attend the ACMF Pre-Festival Taster Concert on evening of workshop (8:15 pm St. James’ Catholic Church, Charles Town)

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