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A Mother's Voice

A new project from Musici Ireland, premiered in January 2023. We are proud to present "A Mother's Voice" in partnership with the Contemporary American Theater Festival. Tickets are available now for performances in Shepherdstown, WV this summer. 


Saturday, July 20 at 1:30 PM

Sunday, July 21 at 5:30 PM

Tuesday, July 23 at 8 PM

Performance Location

Christ Reformed Church
304 E German Street
Shepherdstown, WV

Tickets available through along with all other information about their upcoming 2024 season in July!

For more about this project, visit Musici Ireland's webpage.»


“A Mother’s Voice does a beautiful job of centering survivors and transforms powerful testimony into performance with thoughtfulness and care. This is important work, blending activism and artistry, and I hope many other audiences have the opportunity to experience it.”

— Shea Donovan, Indigo Arts Collective

Original Concept/Creative Director: Beth McNinch
Assistant Creative Director: Jane Hackett

Mothers Voices: "Cait", Deirdre Wadding and Sheila O Byrne


Musicians: Ioana Petcu-Colan, Jane Hackett, Beth McNinch Katie Tertell
Original score and Soundscape: Irene and Linda Buckley
Animation: Eabha Bortollozo and Jack Kirwan
Installation: Bridget Ni Dhuinn
Lighting Design: Eoin McNinch

Sound technician: Colm Hinchion


"A Mother's Voice": A Tribute to the Survivors of Ireland's Mother and Baby Homes

Musici Ireland's latest production, "A Mother's Voice", is a heartfelt tribute to the women affected by Ireland's mother and baby homes during the 1900s. Developed with funds from the Arts Council of Ireland and Triskel WRITE, RECORD, PERFORM bursary, this multidisciplinary production blends artistry and activism in a powerful exploration of a dark chapter in Ireland's history.

"A Mother's Voice" is more than just a performance. It stands as a testimony to the resilience of survivors, a critical exploration of a hidden aspect of Ireland's history, and an invitation to engage in an important dialogue. The production is a collaborative effort between artists and living survivors, with a shared mission to shed light on this period of Ireland's past.

Central to the performance are the voices of three mothers, "Cait", Deirdre Wadding, and Sheila O'Byrne. Their stories form the core narrative, giving authenticity and emotional depth to the production.

"A Mother’s Voice" has been widely praised for its thoughtful and sensitive handling of such a difficult subject matter. Shea Donovan from the Indigo Arts Collective applauds the production's focus on survivors, stating, "A Mother’s Voice does a beautiful job of centering survivors and transforms powerful testimony into performance with thoughtfulness and care."

Catherine Kontz, composer and Artistic Director of Rainy Days Festival, Luxembourg, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the international interest the work has garnered due to its relevance and the sensitivity with which the subject matter has been treated.

More information is available on the Musici Ireland website. »

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