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Folk Inspirations

7pm. St. Peter's Chapel, Harpers Ferry. Free.

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Audrey Pride and Delcho Tenev, violin

Koko Dyulgerski and Leah Kovach, viola

Schuyler Slack and Katie Tertell, cello


Mark O’Connor: Appalachian Waltz


Rune Tonsgaard: Selections From “Last Leaf”


Shine You No More


Edvard Grieg: Quartet No. 1 in G minor, Op. 27


This hour-long evening performance will feature chamber works inspired by folk music and thread of connection from folk roots in Bluegrass and Appalachia music as it ties into other folk traditions from around the world. Featuring music by Greig, Domenic Salerni, folk transcriptions from the Danish String Quartet, and more.

Ticket for Reserved Seat includes post-concert reception at the Barn of Harpers Ferry.

More about ACMF:

Appalachian Chamver Music Festival melds world-class chamber music performances, collaboration and outreach, with the rich and inspiring history, nature and culture of Harpers Ferry, Charles Town, Jefferson County and surrounding areas. We are all about bringing music to audiences in new, meaningful and accessible ways! We celebrate what is already here on a world stage, while striving to further enrich the region through our shared love of music. We work to elevate and amplify local businesses and organizations as we celebrate and preserve the unique nature, history and culture of the area.



*Please note: program subject to changes

Covid news:

ACMF believes we need music and cultural experiences now more than ever, which is why it is so important to us to bring live in-person performances to our audience this Summer 2021.

We are closely monitoring Covid-19 safety protocols and guidelines in the area, and have plans in place to make the festival a success! This includes a thorough social-distancing safety protocol, and excitingly, most of our events will be available live-streamed and in digital format via our Facebook page, YouTube and other platforms as well as in-person.

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